Join Us in Creating a Sustainable Ski Area in Alaska’s Chugach National Forest

The mission of the Manitoba Mountain Ski Area Restoration Project is to develop a minimalistic ski area that offers both a family ski experience and big mountain terrain, utilizes clean energy, promotes winter outdoor recreation, and increases economic stability and regional employment opportunities on the Kenai Peninsula.

By restoring lift access to a ski area that last operated in 1960, the Manitoba Mountain Ski Area Restoration Project embodies the Mountain Rider’s Alliance philosophy of being a community-supporting mountain playground that is big on skiing and small on infrastructure. With three surface lifts, the ski area will offer access to more then 10,000 acres of legendary Chugach terrain. The Nordic trail system and Canyon Creek suspension bridge will provide access to ski touring terrain that is currently inaccessible.

Core values of the project include:

* A collaborative operating partnership with local businesses, assisting in year-round operations

* Increasing local job opportunities

* An operational philosophy that is focused on the riding and not on the amenities

* A business strategy incorporating the Triple Bottom Line and latest in Best Management Practices

* Embracing renewable resources to minimize environmental impacts

* Providing outdoor education and recreational opportunities for local youth

MRA will offer membership opportunities to become a part of the project.  Feel free to contact us for more information. This is your opportunity to have a voice in your own values-based ski area.

MRA Project Manager Dave Scanlan Interview with Jerry Hoffman by MTNRA

Manitoba Mountain

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