“As the general manager of Trail Lake Lodge, a member of the community and year round resident of Moose Pass, AK, I strongly support the Manitoba Mountain Ski area project. I support it both in the environmentally friendly plans they have presented and the positive economic impact it will have on the surrounding communities. For many years now the end of the summer tourist season has marked a six to eight month closure for many local businesses and jobs. I believe that a an attraction such as this will not only bring year round jobs to our small communities but also a higher quality of life and outdoor recreational opportunities for all involved.” ~ Doug Prater, General Manager

“The Manitoba Mountain Project is the perfect blend of alpine, back country, Nordic, and family recreation centered in a breathtakingly beautiful venue. This project will be a unique destination for Alaskans and a wonderful resource for the local Kenai Peninsula community! I can’t wait to ski there myself!” ~ Holly Brooks, World Cup Nordic Skier, Anchorage, Alaska

“Mountain Rider’s Alliance, we are pleased to see the hard work your organization has put in towards the planning and implementation of a low impact ski area on the Kenai Peninsula. Our small eco lodge and dinner house in Hope welcomes the addition of new recreational opportunities in the area and the potential for local jobs, and winter customers. We appreciate your commitment to environmentally sound practices and clean energy. Please add our business to your list of supporters.” ~ Kent and Melanie Bowman, Bowman’s Bear Creek Lodge

“As a long time backcountry skier and a native of the Kenai Peninsula, I am in full support of the Manitoba Project. It is a wonderful eco friendly project to connect and bring businesses and communities together as well as introduce outsiders to the fun of winter in Alaska. The creation of this unique skiing venue brings to the forefront what already is a desirable recreation in this area and makes it available for more people to enjoy. The creation of new jobs and further economic support of these small communities is pivotal to the health of the families who reside there as well. The minor physical impact this project brings with the potential output it gives is exciting for an avid outdoors woman like myself. There is so much potential for healthy growth and happy times I cannot to anything but strongly support this project.” ~ Mereidi Liebner, Telemark Skier, Girdwood, AK

“We are stoked by your plans for an eco-friendly, low impact outdoor recreation area on the Kenai. The Manitoba Mountain project will not only improve the local economy year round, but provide additional maintained access to thousands of acres of pristine Chugach Range back country. We’ve met and talked to Jamie and Dave and absolutely support the MRA business model. For us it’s a no brainer, we’re
an environmental business club at UAA’s Mat-Su College in Palmer, Alaska promoting reduce, reuse, recycle, and more sustainable communities. Way to go Manitoba Mountain Ski Area Restoration Project. Let’s make it happen.”
~ David Johnson, President, Mat-Su Carbon Crew

“As a mother and small business owner in the Hope area, I would be ecstatic to see the Manitoba Ski Area manifest. Not only would it nurture some much needed traffic to help our businesses stay open in the winter months, it would be healthy for our children and families to have a safe and affordable way to get up the mountain. The MRA model is respectful in regards to the environment and community-based. It seems to be a good fit for the communities of Hope, Moose Pass, and Cooper Landing. I appreciate the efforts to keep the area low-impact and sustainable. In this economy and with our rural location even a few jobs created and even a few customers can make a big difference, particularly in the winter months. I will support the Manitoba Ski Area completely.” ~ Bianca Durrant, small business owner, Hope Chamber member and former Advisory Planning Commission member

“The SnoPresence staff, an Alaskan based organization/business, supports MRA’s efforts on the Manitoba project. They are really
leading the way in meeting the snow riding community frustrations with overpriced lift tickets, monopolizing resort infrastructure and damaging environmental practices through careful research, thoughtful environmental sustainable solutions, and positive local community engagement. They are trying to inspire positive change in the way ski resorts around the world are run, what a noble mission! To do this in an area that was already formally a locally run ski area for 20 years, makes sense and it still leaves a lot of great backcountry skiing to be had throughout the pass. We, as a community of Alaskans, have the golden opportunity to support this movement by providing the world with a low impact “flagship” ski area. This is bigger than Manatoba Mtn, it’s bigger than the Kenai or even Alaska. It’s an opportunity for Alaskans (together with Mountain Riders Alliance) to make a positive impact on the ski industry as a whole. What a wonderful day! Together, the SnoPresence staff and I (as a long time Alaskan) give this project our support!” ~ Kirsten-SnoPresence Owner/Author

“As program director for a prominent ecotourism business on the Kenai Peninsula and an avid backcountry skier, I am excited by the prospect of the Manitoba Ski Project.  Not only does it set a wonderful example for sustainable business, but it provides unique opportunities for families and other businesses on the Kenai Peninsula.  I also ski instruct at Alyeska Resort and work with skiers who travel all the way from Homer or Seward to come learn to ski. How wonderful would it be if they could also practice those skills on slopes much closer to home and spread the economic love across the peninsula?  For purely selfish reasons, I’m terribly excited to explore the worlds of terrain that will be accessed by this project.  The possibilities are endless and the benefits are great.” ~ Brooke Edwards, ISSW Entertainment Chair

“MRA’s mission is to bring skiing back to the skiers by building, facilitating or partnering with ski areas that operate on the principles of community and sustainability – not timeshares and fine dining.” ~ Matt Hansen, Powder Magazine, November, 2011

“MRA could prove to be the catalyst for building an alliance among independently owned ski areas that don’t want to sacrifice their community-oriented goals in order to prosper…People are finding that there’s a cleansing and refreshing nature when they go back to these minimalist areas. I think there is a real movement to this (MRA), and skiers are paying attention.” ~ Matt Hancock, Owner Mt Abram

We are fully behind Mountain Rider’s Alliance and congratulate you in ushering in a new era of skiing.” ~ Olympian Suzy “Chapstick” Chaffee

“The industry was founded on that model and there is no reason why it can’t be replicated.” ~ National Ski Area Association President Michael Berry referring to the MRA membership model in Mountain Magazine article, “Mountain Rider’s Alliance: A New Business Model for the Ski Industry.”

“Mountain Riders Alliance is a different approach to guiding Snowsports into the future…and perhaps saving it.” ~ Jerry Hoffman, North America Snowsports Journalist West President

(C) Mountain Riders Alliance LLC 2012
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